The happy TERF

I’ve been reading a lot about the terfwars I referred to in an earlier post. There are the MTF transgender folk participating as women in sporting events. There are the drag queens—that is, men in woman-face, walking parodies of female stereotypes—who like reading to kiddies but also, it seems, a spot of kiddy-fiddling too, or at least rolling on the floor with them, which, in my book, is called “grooming”. There was the idiot in an obscene monkey-costume advertising a child literacy program. There are the MTFs in female prisons where they threaten and assault both other inmates and, it seems, the staff too, and this despite the fact that a 2009 UCI study already found that 20.5% of men identifying as women are registered sex offenders and 49.8% of them have committed crimes against another person. Those numbers must have gone up a lot since gender self-identification became a Thing and getting access to women became as simple as telling people you are one. A British soap had an absurd story-line about a trans woman being assaulted by women in prison because she was trans. (If they’d assaulted her because she was a murderer, maybe that would’ve been OK?) In any case, nothing about women prisoners being assaulted by trans women, which is what happens in the real world.

Then there is the constant, often threatening, always vicious, wearing down of opposition on Twitter, Instagram, etc. by TRAs who don’t mind deviants but refuse to accept any deviation from their ideology. There is public, violent aggression towards those who disagree with them, as witnessed in the two (to date) demonstrations outside the Korea Town Wi Spa in Los Angeles (now my home city). I was disgusted to see people at the first protest surround and harass a lone woman, shouting insults at her as a “transphobe”, blocking her path, snatching away her hat and the poster she was carrying as she walked on a public pavement/sidewalk and exercised her 1st Amendment rights. If she wasn’t a transphobe before, you can bet your wig and glittery platform boots she is now. Stricto sensu, you see, the word ‘transphobe’ refers to someone who is afraid of trans people.

This is male privilege at its worst. This is men wanting access to women’s spaces; wanting women to STFU; wanting access to children.

Let’s take the spa incidents. On at least two occasions a biological male (not necessarily the same one) entered a part of a spa reserved for women and children only (since nudity is permitted there) and displayed his meat-and-two-veg for all to see—including a small girl. He talked in the shower about how much he liked having sex with women and was looking for a new girlfriend. But he was allowed in because he self-identified as a woman. This is California’s doing. According to California, the rights of men to enter female spaces is important and to be protected; the right of women to feel safe—which often means: to be somewhere people with penises and a Y chromosome cannot reach you—, is neither of these things. The woman who posted a review on Yelp said that she had seen trans women there before and had simply treated them as she would anyone in that part of the spa. This was different. This was a male-bodied person getting access to naked female-bodied persons, adults and children alike, and displaying himself—on one occasion semi-erect—before them. And they could do nothing about it, except tell the receptionist (who limply said it was the law), and then leave.

Just yesterday (July 17 2021) came the second Wi Spa protest, on which The Guardian wrote a report so misleading, so inaccurate, so anti-feminist that I have cancelled all of my contributions to it—the basic monthly ones and the extra ones too. I wrote explaining my reasons. I have read the Graun (as I used to refer to it affectionately) since I was a teenager. I have always been left-wing, but fairly moderate. Here they are the reasons I gave:

‘I have already cancelled my additional contributions on the basis of the outrageously inaccurate and dangerous report on the Wi Spa protests yesterday, 18vii21. I am going to rehearse my reasons again, though much good it will do me, or you.

First, it confused four distinct groups of protestors: RW fringe (QAnon; Proud Boys); RW Christian; and feminists, each protesting for different reasons. In the earlier protests, feminists and Christians were alike threatened, harassed, and intimidated by antifa, including a lone female. Did you see the video of that? The police didn’t turn up until these protestors had already been driven from the scene. This time, the police came. And maybe this escaped you, but antifa THANKED THE POLICE. Do you notice anything wrong with that sentence?

Second, feminists want women’s spaces, not, as you so condescendingly put it, “women’s spaces”, as if they, or women, weren’t real. I thought The Guardian supported feminism, but now you seem to have lost your collective marbles. Woman fought long and hard to get their own safe spaces. In many parts of the world, they still do. They can’t even take a crap in peace. But in the West we have our own problems, including from the RW—and from TRAs. There are plenty of transwomen who just want to talk about what they need to live in peace—effective protection from harassment, threats, intimidation, and worse. Just like women. And IRL all those things come, overwhelmingly, from men, ones with a functioning Y chromosome. 98% of violent criminals are male. Online, women and transwomen can be just as vile, threatening, and, yes, exclusionary. Excluding women.

Not “cis women”, BTW. Women. Less than 1% of the population is trans, and their enablers are taking power away from the rest of us, in life and in language.

We want to keep males out of female spaces: in prisons, changing-rooms, spas, refuges—anywhere where women are at their most vulnerable. Already there have been numerous attacks by transwomen in women’s only spaces. Transwomen are attacked by men, not by women, and women should not have to pay the price for keeping men safe. Transwomen should have their own safe spaces.

In this case a fully-intact male entered a women’s only space at least twice. On both occasions children were also present. On one occasion he was semi-erect. Do you really think that that is acceptable? Because if you do you are condoning perversion, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.’


Men in women’s sports:


Obscene monkey-costume:

Prison assaults:

Threats to TERFS [WARNING: not for the faint-hearted]:

Harassment and violence at the spa protest:

Hollyoaks story:

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